We Help You Navigate The Certification Process

“The purpose of the peer support professional is to serve as a personal guide to others seeking to initiate and maintain recovery by working to remove barriers and obstacles to their recovery and to link people to services as they experience care and recovery and transition back into their community.” – Colorado SB22-181

Certification Standards

Each Certified Professional must meet standards set forth by their Certification Committee. Click the links below for your correct Certification Guide.

Colorado Peer & Family Specialist Certification Guide

Colorado Prevention Specialist Certification Guide

Codes of Ethics

To become a Certified Professional, you must sign a Code of Ethics created by your appropriate Certification Committee. Click the links below for your correct Code of Ethics.

Colorado Peer & Family Specialist Code of Ethics

Colorado Prevention Specialist Code of Ethics

Grievance Policy & Procedures

When a Certified Professional violates their role as a provider of behavioral health care – clients, coworkers, or supervisors may file a grievance in accordance with the employing organization’s grievance policy.

Those violations that require additional oversight may be brought before the Certification Committee.

To learn more visit the Grievance Policy & Procedures page


Registration – $50
Application Completion (includes testing) – $245
Total Cost – $295

There are opportunities for scholarships and reimbursement for Peer & Family Specialist Certification. Please reach out to the Certification Manager for more information


After registration the applicant will receive a registration link from SMT Testing to register for the exam.

To schedule and sit for the exam, applicant must register using their legal name as listed on their government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.)

The test include 75 questions + 10 pre-test questions and takes 2 hours to complete.

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