The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) is an international credentialing organization in the field of prevention. Since 1981, the IC&RC has protected the public by establishing standards and facilitating reciprocity for the credentialing of addiction-related professionals.

IC&RC At A Glance

  • Offers 8 different certifications in prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Provides standards and examinations to 78 certification and licensing boards in 25 countries, 48 states and territories, 5 Native American Regions and all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • More than 50,000 individuals hold IC&RC certifications across various disciplines.

Certification Committee

COPA is recognized by IC&RC as the governing body for certification of Peer and Family Specialists and Prevention Specialists working in behavioral health in Colorado. The Certification Committees (Committees) are subcommittees of COPA that approve certification for trained CPFS. The Committee reviews training, continuing education, supervision, and work experience; facilitates examinations and promotes reciprocity with other jurisdictions.


IC&RC establishes international standards and facilitates reciprocity for the credentialing of CPFS professionals. In accordance with IC&RC standards, as a subcommittee of COPA, the Committee shall act in accordance with COPA governing documents, and IC&RC requirements in all matters relating to certification. The COPA Executive Director has the authority to establish policies, procedures, and standards to be approved by the COPA Executive Committee.

COPA Board Members and Leadership are prohibited from sitting on either Certification Committee.