Join us on November 29th from 9a-10a for an evaluation training! This training is for COPA members.



OMNI Institute is excited to be partnering with COPA to offer a foundational evaluation training session free for all members. Through this session – Data & Story Telling: Leveraging Program Evaluation to Boost Organizational Impact– participants will establish a common baseline understanding of evaluation. But this workshop isn’t just about data; it’s your ticket to making decisions that matter, securing those all-important grant funds, and ultimately, increasing your organization’s impact. This workshop will introduce attendees to the fundamental concepts and tools they’ll need to engage in effective program evaluation. Using real-world behavioral health examples and hands-on activities, attendees will work to build the skills and confidence they’ll need to develop program-specific evaluation frameworks and tell their own programs’ stories through data.

Learning objectives:

  • Establish an understanding of the purpose and benefits of evaluation for behavioral health-focused organizations
  • Learn how to articulate a program theory of change
  • Increase knowledge of the steps in the evaluation process to support your program’s capacity to utilize and share data

This training will include:

  • Interactive opportunities for learning evaluation concepts, including practice building a program theory of change
  • Handouts with tools and templates to provide support for participants to apply the information they learn after the training

We look forward to seeing you there!

Presenter Bios

Holen Hirsh

Holen is a Vice President at the OMNI Institute and provides oversight in OMNI’s Behavioral Health and Community Health practice areas. Holen’s work focuses on utilizing data to enhance systems and improve community health. Holen loves engaging at the community-level where research and evaluation have a direct and clear impact on programs and policies. Holen has partnered with many communities in Colorado on local-level needs assessments and strategic planning processes. These initiatives involve working with diverse partners across communities, understanding complex and intersecting systems, and developing comprehensive recommendations for systems change. Since joining OMNI in 2012, Holen has worked with numerous behavioral health providers in Colorado and nationally on improving outcomes evaluation systems and using data to demonstrate the efficacy of treatment services.

Prior to joining OMNI, Holen completed her doctorate in Social Psychology where her research focused on stereotyping, prejudice, and implicit bias. Outside of OMNI, Holen loves spending her time outside, mountain biking, and exploring mountain trails with her daughters and spouse.

Jenna Lee Mathews

Jenna is a Senior Research Manager at OMNI and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who combines mental health expertise with a passion for system improvement. Her work at OMNI has included several projects in behavioral health evaluation, including leading the planning and implementation of longitudinal outcomes evaluations and retrospective evaluations of residential mental health treatment centers. In addition, Jenna leads OMNI’s evaluation of peer recovery services implementation across community mental health settings, emergency departments, collegiate programs, and justice system facilities as part of the the Virginia State Opioid Response Grant evaluation. Jenna has also supported the strategic planning and implementation of multiple evaluations of substance use disorder treatment outcomes, including a longitudinal study of the impact of a remote alcohol monitoring device on recovery and a state-level initiative to infuse more evidence-based clinical practices in substance use disorder treatment settings.

Jenna previously spent five years as a therapist, specializing in individual and group therapy for survivors of sexual trauma. She believes in the power of inquiry, authenticity, and connection to move individuals and communities towards healing and wellness. Outside of OMNI, Jenna loves cooking and spending time in the sun with family and friends.

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